Background -- Moon

Straightforward carpooling web app. Allows users to join groups of people for a dedicated event in order to carpool together. Created with React.js, MongoDb, Express.js, and Passport.js.

Pet Adoption application. Allows users to filter and sort through specified breeds, location, etc. Leverages the PetFinder and Google Maps API. Built using HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Chart.JS, Firebase, and Materialize.


Cooking and Music WebApp. Generates a playlist based on the recipe entered using the Spotify API. Created with mySQL, Handlebars, and Express.js.

Social Scraper

Scrapes the Futurology subpurpledit using the Axios NPM package, and generates a separated view of the article that can be commented on. Created using Express, Handlebars, and MongoDb.

"Amazon" CLI

Command Line Interface application based on Node.js using the Inquirer NPM package. Provides Customer, Manager and Supervisor view of the database and an interactible menu for the database with input validation. Created purely with Node packages and mySQL.

React Memory Game

Simple image based memory game in which you must click only on images you have not yet clicked on. Made purely with React.js.

Background -- Golden Gate