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Background -- Moon

About Me

I'm a full-time Software Developer, and I took part in and now help with the UCSD Extension Web Development Boot Camp. I'm studying Computer Science and Math as a double major, with hopes to delve more into Data Science and Machine Learning. I'm a quick study, and am able to pick up new languages, frameworks and library in a short time, which helps me stay on the cutting edge of industry standards and an asset to any company.

Background -- Golden Gate

Technical Experience

While attending Claremont McKenna College studying for a Physics and Mathematics Double Major, I started developing a passion for Computer Science. What started as an elective class/hobby became my sole focus for study.

I used the UCSD Extension Web Development Coding Boot Camp to bolster my skills, which helped me understand MVC architecture, as well as the MERN (MongoDb, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack. In addition to the boot camp, I have picked up Python, and am currently using C++ primarily in my studies, which I think gives me unique experience simply because of the breadth of exposure to different technical stacks and development environments.

In addition to development experience, I have been able to leverage my 5 years of Technical Support Experience in Claremont McKenna College and ESET North America to better improve my QA testing, UX design, and troubleshooting skills. This is hugely useful when testing a bug in development, as well as gives me greater understanding of what is happening under-the-hood when accessing websites or using applications.